Competition Announcement

We invite to the festival competition films from all over the world featuring characters who face personal limitations, adversities, fear, self doubt, loneliness, depression, etc. and try to find the strength to survive the crisis, fight for a return to life, happiness, love, their values, continue pursuing their dreams and goals, etc., whether they succeed or not. Films presenting practices that sustain life forces will also be welcome. We invite films that will move our viewers and will be a source of hope and inspiration for those struggling with the problems mentioned above.

The competition will be judged in 6 categories:

  • Feature film
    • up to 30 min.
    • up to 70 min.
    • up to 90 min.
  • Documentary
    • up to 30 min.
    • up to 70 min
    • up to 90 min.

The recruitment of films – exclusively via the FilmFreeway Platform – will last until September 20.

We will notify the filmmakers about the results of the selection process by October 30.

As usual, the winners of the competition in each category will receive statuettes – Golden Copernicus.

The first part of the festival, which will include cinema screenings, meetings with directors, a fair of publications related to the festival’s theme and the ceremonial announcement of the competition results, will take place in Warsaw, at Kino Kępa, PROM Kultury, ul. Brukselska 23 on November 8-10. On the last day a FILM MARATHON (10 a.m. – 9 p.m.) will be held, that will end with a gala and awards ceremony.

The second part of the festival will be held on-line via ticketed streaming on 11-30 November.



The concept of LIFE FORCE was formulated by psychologist and philosopher Viktor Frankl. Frankl believed that life forces are an innate and inherent part of human nature, that they are complex psychological constructs that promote development and search for meaningful life, which consist of beliefs, attitudes, motivations, values and other aspects of personality.

According to Viktor Frankl, the main forces of life are: love, creativity, knowledge, searching for the meaning of life and purpose, helping others, fun and humor, movement and physical activity, contact with nature, spirituality, freedom.

Forces of life are powerful resources that support man in difficulties. A person motivated by the forces of life is more willing to take risks, overcome obstacles and achieve goals. It is also easier for him/her to remain hopeful and optimistic in the face of adversity.