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Anti-War Film Festival

Since February 24, just across our border, in Ukraine, war is going on –  the bloodiest and cruelest war in Europe since World War II. It has been going on for so long, that we are starting to get used to it. It seems that the heat of opposition to the cruelty of the invaders, that sparked in the world when the war began, is fading. Repetitive messages from the front, the distance that separates us from the battlefields and ruins, reticence of refugees blur the narrative about the war. More and more often, indifference creeps into our perception of the war in Ukraine and our hearts cool down… So often we know nothing about other recent wars in the world…   To ensure that the resources of our understanding, imagination and compassion for the victims of war and violence are not diminished, come to the Festival of Films Against War, or – free of charge – see the festival films on-line.

The theme of the festival is war in the broad sense of the word. We want our audience to see it in full focus and from different perspectives – to become aware not only of the atrocities and consequences of war between nations, but also of the actions, phenomena and mechanisms that lead to conflicts and fuel them, as well as such that may extinguish them. Both on an international scale and on the scale of local community or family. The festival is also devoted to “wars” of everyday life that take place in us, between us, among us…  The festival trophies – two statuettes of Golden Copernicus – await the creators of the best short films in two categories: about war in the world, and about “war” in everyday life. The prize for the best film about the war in Ukraine will be awarded by sponsors.

Ceremonial presentation of awards

The Golden Copernicus Award: