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FORCE OF LIFE Film Festival

There are people among us for whom life has lost meaning, who see no future ahead of them, who find it difficult to start another day… There are more and more of them. Overwhelmed by bad fate, failures, experienced loss, rejection, criticism, loneliness – the list of possible beginnings of a crisis is long – they withdraw from life. They don’t enjoy it…

Is it possible to maintain joy, or at least a determined will to live, while experiencing various kinds of blows and deprivations? What is the force of life that people affected by various types of suffering need so that they are able, or even only willing, to face tchem? What is the elixir of life, lack of which makes us weak and deprived of inner strength? What can help one overcome loneliness, the feeling of failure, lack of sense in life,  illness? How can one find it?

Various answers to these questions can be found in the films selected for this year’s festival. Out of 200 films submitted from 40 countries around the world to the festival competition, we selected a total of 50 very short, short and full-length films, both documentaries and features. We recommend them to everyone who wants to live his or her life to the fullest; to everyone looking for inspiration; to those who have something to struggle with in their lives, and those who do not. We invite you to our festiwal.