Title: Immortal Combat
Directed by: Julia Karasiewicz POLAND

Runtime: 57:35

Computer game fans from the early nineties probably remember iconic fight game with a similar name. Immortal Kombat is about something completely different. It is a film about the most important problem that affects all people: the matter of life and death. (more…) Whether it is possible to avoid passing away and about our chances for eternal life, or even immortality. Various perspectives of the problem were encoded in the movie - catholic and atheistic, technocratic and humanistic, spiritual and futurological. People known from different areas of interest appear in the film - philosophers, theologians, priests, doctors, linguists, YouTubers, innovators and musicians. Patient who survived a clinical death talks about his experience. Mountaineer who crossed the "death zone" many times presents another point of view. The document poses difficult questions and suggests uneasy answers. In the end, however, it prompts a personal reflection that everyone has to face alone.
Director Statement: "Immortal Kombat" is a documentary about the most important human matters. The main purpose is to give spectator a hope. Hope leading to conviction, that he is not alone and that the most significant problem in his life - our own mortality - is universal for every human being. (more…) Tempting vision of defeating the greatest enemy of the living - death - shouldn't attract us that much. On the one hand "Immortal Kombat" tells the story of the man's greatest dream and future possibilities to make it come true. On the other, it shows the viewer, that chasing immortality can be a blind alley. Film, full of inspiring questions, doesn't give any simple answers. It creates a great opportunity to face with personal reflection instead. Using modern and dynamic form of narration allows to keep spectator's attention on the highest level, leading him through various aspects of life, death and even potential, upcoming immortality.

Director Biography: Graduate from Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, faculty of Media Art. In professional career she has been mostly engaged in photography, film, animation and journalism. (more…) Primarily having worked as a video editor, specialized in short forms, in last couple of years she started to involve in documentary movies. Her first project - Immortal Kombat - has just had its premiere. In the area of her main artistic interests lies human in relation to both - culture and nature. Currently she is more and more absorbed by the ecological issues.



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