Title: Outcast
Directed by: Yury Sysoev RUSSIA

Runtime: 18:00

Russia. It's Friday night. District residents are prepared to rest. Some go to a party at the club, others were drinking beer, and girls celebrate something to note on the bench. But a guy named Misha is not interested in all this. He's purposefully going somewhere, ignoring everyone. What is wrong with Misha?

Director Biography: Was born in 1987. He graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Art in 2007. The acting and directing Department.

Work in Cinema: Short film "Sprint" 2015 (more than 20 film festivals from Los Angeles and Columbia to Murmansk and Yakutia); "Escape for a dream". The almanac with release in theatres in 9 regions of Russia.
Worked as Director on Russian TV: One of the most important projects – TV-show "Galileo" (nominated for "TEFI") «Galileo» – One of the most popular programs about science in Russia and Eastern Europe.
As a writer and stage playwright: Nominee drama award "Badenweiler" 2016 (Germany)
Nominee drama award "Actors" 2013 (Russia); Nominated for the national literary prize "Heritage-2016" (Russia); Nominated for the national literary prize «Poet of the year» 2016" (Russia); Nominee drama award «FilatovFest» 2017 (Russia).



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