Title: Preachers of the Road
Directed by: Marek Skrzecz POLAND

Runtime: 27:00

In the hinterlands of Zambia, the vast distances mean that priests and sisters have to travel several miles across rugged and risky terrain to reach and minister to the faithful. Injury and death are very common. The maintenance of the vehicles needed for their work are a source of constant worry and costs. The film shows the missionary activity of those mechanics – also priests and missionaries – who serve in maintaining the jeeps and boats to enable the word of God to reach the isolated faithful.

Director Biography: Film director. Author of award-winning music videos. His unconventional productions balance between fiction and documentary. Participant of many educational-film projects, among others: "The world from dawn to dusk", and "The art of choice". He cooperated with the foundation "GPAS Praga Północ", for which he conducted film workshops with difficult youth. Co-author of the fictionalized series "Tajemnice początków Polski".



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