Title: Hope
Directed by: Endi Hoxha ALBANIA

Runtime: 11:50

A truck (lorry) on its way to England is smuggling a group of people who are seeking a better life, away from Albania. On that cold and long night, all they were told to do was to stay silent. People in the truck belong to different background, age, reasons to leave. It was a long and tiring road ahead. The truck stops twice along the way. The course of the story is changed when one of the travelers accidentally dies. They equally split in two when they have to decide if the truck should stop or should they keep going. Ultimately the decision lies with the little boy, who also personifies the future, hope. As the truck is still on the road, the fiancee of the dead guy decides she can't take in no more and sets the truck on fire. As the smoke chocks almost everyone to death, the one person who had done this trip before knows how to survive.



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