Title: Happy Father’s Day
Directed by: Chandrasnata Kar INDIA

Runtime: 15:00

In his breakfast- table, Rudhraksha, a college-lecturer, switched on the Happy Father’s Day TV program. The anchor interviewed Manoj Roy, a fortunate father, and his successful son Dr. Anirban Roy, himself Rudhraksha’s colleague. Rudhraksha’s son missed the bus. While enjoying their morning in the bed on this special day, Rudhraksha and his son had a deal to save each other. In the TV Anirban was recounting his father’s contribution after his mother’s death in his childhood. Manojbabu narrated his struggle as a farmer to see the success of his son. Meanwhile, Rudraksha dropped his son to his school and reached his college. He found the Principal appreciating Dr. Anirban’s sense of duty towards his father. Principal recalls how money obstructed his father’s treatment leading to his death. He informed Rudhraksha that the college would soon choose one between him and Anirban for foreign tour. Rudraksha left the college for the old-age-home to meet his father there. He requested his father to dress up properly. His father expected his son to take him home. But his day-dream was shattered to find that his son’s objective was to take a selfie and post the same in Face book for his publicity only.



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