Title: Color of Childhood
Directed by: Sahadat Russell BANGLADESH

Runtime: 29:43

The story of the Color of Childhood short film has been based on the Islamic Education System. It is forbidden to draw pictures according to Islamic teachings and Islamic rules. 11-year-old Salam likes to paint the picture. But his Muslim family and his Islamic education tied up with his picture. He's mentally broken. At one such time Salam's life comes in a painter. The painter changed the life philosophy of Salam.

When people are being attacked by extremist religious attacks all over the world Then the artist speaks about an incomparable, beautiful and happy world and says Salam But in the end Color of Childhood is the story of the Salam’s journey to find the beautiful world.

Sahadat Russell is an Bangladeshi Independent Film Maker. After finishing his studies on film making, he Start to make film in his own Bengali language. The political unrest and the rise of Religious extremism around the world worried Sahadat Russell. To get the rights of the oppressed people, he decided to use his film. But in Muslim majority Bangladesh, he has to read repeatedly in the face of the obstacles of the fundamentalists

After the release of the first short film 'Face to Face', Sahadat Russell created a patronage of women's rights in the face of threat of Islamic extremist fundamentalists. Then, in the political drama 'Definition of Politics' by Sahadat Russell the political shortcomings of Bangladesh came in the face of criticism.

The third short film of the 'color of childhood' Shahadat Russell A truth about the ongoing Islamic militancy in the world, the story of the world's dream of 'color is the Childhood'. Here, the world's cultural conflict has been highlighted with Islamic ideals. After the trailer release of this film, Bangladeshi extremist religious group 'Islamic Student Movement' started a protest against this film. The Islamic organization announced that the creator Sahadat Russell would be killed if the 'color of childhood' was released. That's why the 'color of childhood' release in Bangladesh was not possible. In this situation, any investor in Bangladesh thinks of the risk of investing in his film. So, with his own savings, he is going to build his own short story. Sahadat Russell thinks that the film is not only entertainment, but the humanity's voice can become a film. Sahadat Russell's film is a film of human, film for the Human.

Director Statement

It's True. All about Film



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