Title: The Odyssey
Directed by: Omer Guler TURKEY

Runtime: 12:46

The film is based on the fact that Hüseyin Taşpınar, who was born and raised in the Anatolian geography and grew up with the ancient culture of this land, resists the advancing time and the changing social structure and continues his life according to the values he received from his ancestors, and is based on his relationship with the objects, and giving hands to the unimportant items that are thrown into the background and re-create them. It is about Hüseyin Taşpınar's search for truth by embarking on a spiritual journey on things.

He was born in 1998 in Bursa. He completed his primary and secondary education here. He has been dealing with handicrafts since his childhood, writing articles and taking photographs. In 2019, he entered Konya Necmettin Erbakan University, Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture, Department of Radio, Television and Cinema. He took part in important projects from the moment he started to study cinema. In addition to his university education, he took important roles in various non-governmental organizations operating in the country and abroad. In 2021, he made his first film with the documentary film 'Arayış', which he wrote and directed. In addition to continuing her education life as an undergraduate student, she continues to produce short films and documentaries and to take part in various roles on professional film sets.



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