Title: The First Gaze. The Italian who Invented Cinema
Directed by: Stefano Anselmi ITALY

Runtime: 1:00:00

The reconstruction of the incredible life of the Italian pioneer, Filoteo Alberini, becomes the occasion for a reflection on the birth of Italian cinema and, more generally, on the Seventh Art and its nature as the “magnificent obsession”. A journey in the company of an exceptional storyteller, guardian par excellence of cinema’s forgotten ones, Georges Méliès, who conducts an investigation of this figure, practically unknown in our present day.

After graduating from the Civic School of Cinema of Milan “Luchino Visconti” in Milan, Stefano Anselmi has been the first assistant director for cinema and TV fiction since 1999. He has collaborated with important Italian directors such as Giacomo Battiato, Andrea Molaioli, Carlo Vanzina, Gianni Lepre and Sergio Martino. With the short film "ALICE", financed by Mibact and interpreted by Isabella Ragonese, she won the Best Social Awareness Short Film at the "I've seen Films" festival by Rutger Hauer and the award for best actress for Isabella Ragonese at the Fano Film Festival . As a director, between 2008 and 2010 he directed numerous episodes of the two seasons of the Rai fiction "AGRODOLCE". He teaches directing and production since 2009 at the Civic School of Cinema of Milan "Luchino Visconti". He has written essays on literature and cinema published by the publishing houses Il Castoro e Mursia. In 2018 he directed his first film, the comedy "HAPPY GO LUCKY", written and performed by Nunzio and Paolo, produced by Notorious Pictures, Lotus Production and Minerva Pictures. This film is distributed in Italy by Sky Italy and by Prime Video in the rest of the world. His latest film, it's a documentary about the pioneer of italian cinema, Filoteo Alberini: "The first gaze. The italian who invented cinema", screened by Rai Storia.



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