Title: 107
Directed by: Pedro Ladeira BRAZIL

Runtime: 13:00

The acceptance of death, the fear of the pandemic and the need to be close are dilemmas posed in this self-referential, when the worsening health of a centenary grandfather makes his grandson travel for answers.

Director Biography Pedro Ladeira was born in Brasília, in 1984. He's a journalist and has worked as a photo reporter in the federal capital since 2007. Your career has started as intern at Jornal de Brasília and was Stringer at Agence France Presse for two years. Since 2013 Ladeira has been a photographer at Folha's branch in Brasília. In cinema, made stills to the Cibele Amaral movie, "Um Assalto de Fé" (2011) and the Marcelo Díaz short film "Extrusos". His first job as cinema director was the short documentary “107”, which reflects on the difficult relationship between old age and death. It's currently in two projects: as director of the documentary feature film “Memorial Paulo Tavares", a biography about the doctor and musician Paulo Tavares, who is in the research; and as DOP of the short "Sabor a Ocre”, documentary about the work of gravediggers in two cemeteries in Brasília and Lima, in Peru.



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