Title: April
Directed by: Juan Carlos Canales Delgado SPAIN

Runtime: 12:00

April. It's a splendid day. Domingo (75) waters his collection of succulents on the porch in front of the garden and discovers a rotting Echeveria. Dácil (70), his wife, prepares a healthy breakfast. While they are enjoying it sitting on the porch, Domingo confesses to Dácil what happened with Echeveria. She insists on saving the plant, which sparks an argument between the two that leads to a deeper conflict. Dácil wants Domingo to treat her for her illness, but he makes her understand that her desire is to end her days with her, enjoying as much as he can what she has left of her life.

Juan Carlos Canales, born in Madrid (Spain) in 1993. He moved to Tenerife (Canary Islands) when he was 18 years old. Always attracted by the magic of cinema, he started in audiovisuals through a post-production course in 2018. After finding his vocation, he began studies of the Higher Cycle in audiovisual production in 2019 shooting his debut film as a screenwriter / director / PDO / editor in 2020 during his second year. In the same year he worked as PDO / editor on the documentary medium-length project "Human Beatbox". He has also collaborated as a script in the feature film project Johan and participated as director in the express documentary film festival DocExpréss (MiradasDoc) in Guía de Isora (Tenerife), where he shot a short-documentary entitled "Tartarus", inspired by the Paúl Santos triathlon. Currently he has just directed his latest short film project entitled Abril, focusing on human emotions and the fear of loneliness, which is currently in circulation at festivals.



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