Title: Line in a Circle
Directed by: Mohsen Abdelghany EGYPT

Runtime: 11:25

A lonely young man tries to get transportation on his way back, but his journey extended for a whole day long to end up nowhere at night in a crowded city. Inspired of “Dreams of Departure” By nobel winning writer: Naguib Mahfouz. In context of Plaza Project – Bibliotheca Alexandrina for celebrating the 100th of Naguib Mahfouz birth

Filmmaker with varied work experiences as creative writer, and producer. Accomplish over 20 documentaries and docudrama films for varied international TV channels and regional production houses. As supported several social and cultural development campaigns by diverse motivational videos. Driven by passion to create a distinctive artwork and turning the best ideas into motion-pictures that entertains and inspires, began at the early years as a creative writer. Latterly studied filmmaking techniques at the Independent Filmmaking Course (supported by the Ford Foundation) for two years till 2009 when graduated, while the academic study was for a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, which was accomplished in 2003. Awarded twice for Special Jury Award and Best Director Award in two Egyptian film festivals in 2010, as well as participated in several international film festivals.



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