Title: Blizzard
Directed by: Ramtin Kouchaki Hassankiadeh IRAN

Runtime: 29:14

Blizzard; It is a human rights film that tells the story of a woman who loses her hunter husband in a sea storm. She stays with her only child who is seriously ill. woman to save her son from a disease due to Iran's high inflation and the words of the Iranian Minister of Health that he can not spend 1 billion toman a year to keep these patients alive for 2 more years. It caused the drug to rise sharply. The woman herself had to try different ways to keep her son alive and sometimes stood in front of the representatives of the Iranian government. Because he had no money to pay them as a bribe, and they stopped him from working and threatened to destroy his workplace. Eventually, his son died due to outdated and corrupt drugs and they ruined the woman's workplace.

I have been a documentary filmmaker for over 12 years, and I have also made short and feature films. And the subject of all my work is human rights and women.



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