Title: The love story
Directed by: Rafał Bryll POLAND

Runtime: 38:32

The love story of a Jewish girl and a Pole during the World War II. Romantic moments, the hell of war and chilling events. Bogdan Jastrzębski - Righteous Among the Nations, returns to the times of the War, when he fell in love with the only one, the Jewish girl - Krystyna Geisler, for his whole life. First-dates, shy kisses, the drama of the Jews in the Częstochowa ghetto and a daring rescue action on the streets of Częstochowa, under the watchful eye of the Germans, which was the only way to save the life of the beloved woman. And then they lived happily ever after. This film is a combination of a classic documentary and a hand-drawn animation. Animation by Łukasz Rusinek.

Film director and editor. He is the expert of documentary film. He directed and edited fictional documentary (a docu-drama): ‘The Incidents of Zielona Góra in 1960. The Battle of Catholic House.’ (2017), which won the 6th Documentary Film Festival ‘Meetings with History’ in Zamość, Poland in August 2018, and also received an award at the IXth ‘The Defiant, the Unbeatable, the Banished’ film festival in Gdynia, Poland in 2017. 'Borderlands', which won Grand Prix at KSF Niepokalana Film Festival in 2019. The creator (director, editor) of the documentary series ‘Secrets of the Underground State’ (2016) produced in cooperation with The Warsaw Uprising Museum, and of the series of fictional documentaries ‘Group D, Department IV, Victims of murders of the People’s Republic of Poland’ (2016-2017). The co-creator (editing, musical supervisor) of ‘The Magic of Big Blue’ series directed by Dariusz Sepioło. Rafał Bryll edited numerous documentary series (i.a. ‘Lovers from the Web’, ‘Boys to Be Taken’ and ‘Unknown Perpetrators’ directed by Irena and Jerzy Morawski) and many documentaries on historical subjects (i.a. ‘Martial Law Art’ dir. by Paweł Woldan, ‘Hitler's Attack on Poland’ dir. by Nadine Klemens and Jan Strękowski, ‘Birds Eye View At The Killings’ dir. by Michał Nekanda-Trepka), cultural subjects (i.a. ‘The whole Gruza’ dir. by Ireneusz Engler), social affairs (i.a. ‘Women who smell of coffee and perfume’ dir. by Wiesław Paluch).

Filmography - Director:

‘Secrets of the Underground State’ - documentary series, 4 episodes, fictionalized (2016), polish title: "Tajemnice Państwa Podziemnego" ‘Group D, Department IV, Victims of Murders of the People’s Republic of Poland’ - documentary series, 6 episodes, docu-drama (2016-2017), polish title: "Grupa D, Departament IV, Ofiary Morderstw PRL" ‘The Incidents of Zielona Góra in 1960. YheBattle of Catholic House’ – documentary film, docu-drama (2017), polish title: "Wydarzenia Zielonogórskie 1960: Bitwa o Dom Katolicki", https://vimeo.com/300732596 ‘Anders’ Artists’ - documentary film (2017), polish title: "Artyści Andersa" 'The Borderlands' – documentary film, docu-drama (2018), polish title: "Kresy", https://vimeo.com/299013852 'Once upon a time in Allotment Gardens' - feature (2020), polish title: "Pewnego razu w Ogródkach Działkowych"



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