Title: Rabbit And Bear
Directed by: Zhaocongbo

This film revolves around the topic of parent-child education, focusing on the two educational concepts of parent-child and health. The author creates two images of the raccoon Daddy Bear and the clever Daughter Rabbit which are favorite by kids. Daddy Bear and Daughter Rabbit create a microcosmic tree house by the use of various waste and materials from nature to paint them with the color. The Daddy Bear and Daughter Rabbit performed a series of interesting fitness exercises from balance ability to sports movement ability after the demonstration of Daddy Bear and the imitation of Daughter Rabbit . The creation of this film is based on the deep thinking to stimulate the awareness of healthy life , to deepen the understanding of healthy life, to renew the vitality of healthy curriculum and to shape the healthy character of kids. In order to comprehensively develop kids' ability of balance sports and exercise, and to exercise the large muscle groups of kids . The film reflects the educational principles which emphasizes on ""autonomy, freedom and nature"autonomy, freedom and nature" . The film is based on the professional guidance of people in the field of preschool education, from the setting to the beginning of the film, as well as the imitation and follow-up education all according to the key guidance of the PCK .The purpose of this film is to establish a correct concept of parent-child relationship which makes the film an important carrier of parent-child activities, and awakens parents' responsibilities and obligations during the growth of their children. This film reflects the values of children oriented development , the perspective of kids, and the health of young children.



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